Isuzu Trucks. Good One Owners In The Small To Medium Size Marketplace


Isuzu trucks have had a reputation for being dependable workhorses and happen to be running along the highways of Australia for a long time. There’s an extensive variety of versions available which are fit for both driving around town or over longer distances along the highway, now.

The N Series offers various versions that range from the NKR 200 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel through to the NQR 450 accessible in both long and medium wheelbase. The NQR 450 is powered by a 4-cylinder 16 valve SOHC direct injection turbocharged diesel engine pushing 129kw of power out . rpm at 2,600 The transmission is a 6 speed synchromesh gearbox that is manual. The front axle has 3100kg load capacity while the back axle has 6600kg. capacity load For the motorist ‘s comfort, the cottage comprises :

  • Tilt and telescopic adjustable steering column linking a soft feel urethane steering wheel
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • Two cup holders
  • Storage trays in the middle cabinet
  • Air conditioning, heater and demister, and
  • Radio and CD player with digital anti-skip memory and CD stacker that is discretionary.

For those long days in the driver’s seat, the broad contoured driver’s bucket seat provides adjustment that is reclining and lumbar support. There is also a bench seat which will seat two offside’s comparatively comfortably.


For loads that are substantially bigger there’s the F Series variety. The FVR 950 has a 6 cylinder, 4 strokes, 24 valves, SOHC, direct injection diesel engine that puts out 191kw at 2,500rpm. That is coupled to an Eaton Fuller 6 speed manual gearbox. The load capacity is for the front axle and 9000 kg 6000 kg for the back axle. In the NQR 450, you’ll locate much exactly the same appointments as inside the cottage but you will get an Isringhausen total suspension seat for extra relaxation.

Isuzu make a broad variety of trucks in the marketplace that is smaller to medium sized. While most are moderate and long wheelbase versions that are stiff, there will also be versions catering to people who desire a prime mover.

It’s received, so you will need to check everything out completely when purchasing any used truck, including an Isuzu, you must be mindful about the treatment. Make sure there happen to be routine services. It might be wise to find one that’s been driven by an owner driver/one owner as they’re more likely looked in the shed after it and to have treated the truck correctly outside on the way as opposed to your truck which could happen to be driven by several drivers that are different.